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Join the growing ecosystem of partners built around IHE-Services.

Your participation can help shape the decisions that will influence the development of HIT interoperability for many years to come. At present, IHE-Europe is looking for organizations to join the IHE-Services team, by becoming an IHE-Services member or sponsor, and gain significant benefits.

Supportive stakeholders may join in directing IHE-Services and gain significant benefits that include:
1. First-hand access to tools and techniques for testing interoperability of software implementing IHE profiles.
2. A vote in defining the future direction of the development of interoperability test tools and services.
3. Networking with other health IT developers and eHealth projects on both technical issues and industry and market developments.
4. Visibility for your organisation as a leading supporter of health IT and IHE.
Join IHE-Services
To join IHE-Services, an online application is available at www.ihe-europe.net.
For more information, please contact IHE-Services.